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The most popular T-Series presents the beautifully latest romantic  Hindi song “Dil Lauta Do” a new brand song sung by the melodious voice of Jubin Nautiyal ft. Payal Dev and this is featuring Cast Sunny Kaushal & Saiyami Kher. Dil Lauta Do song lyrics are penned down by Kunaal Verma while the music is given by Payal Dev and the video is directed by Navjit Buttar.


Song Details:

Album & Song: Dil Lauta Do
Album & Song:Singer: Dil Lauta DoJubin Nautiyal & Payal Dev
Album & Song:Lyrics: Dil Lauta DoKunaal Verma
Album & Song:Music: Dil Lauta DoPayal Dev
Album & Song:Cast: Dil Lauta DoSunny Kaushal & Saiyami Kher
Album & Song:Music Label: Dil Lauta DoT-Series

Dil Lauta Do Full Lyrics in English – Jubin Nautiyal

Jo Humsafar Hum Nahi Hain
Toh Yahin Paar Chhod Do
Rehne Do Saare Bahane
Mujhe Aakar Bol Do

Hum Khud Hi Juda Ho Jayenge
Keh Do Bas Ithna Tum
Keh Do Pyar Nahi
Chale Jayenge….

Dil Lauta Do….
Dil Lauta Do Mera
Chale Jayenge
Chale Jayenge…

Maana Badaa Mushkil Hai
Mera Tumhein Bhool Jaana
Jitna Kabhi Paas The Hum
Utna Hai Ab Door Jaana…

Jahan Khushbu Tumhari Na Aaye
Na Aaye Teri Yaadein
Koyi Bata Do Jagah
Chale Jayenge….

Dil Lauta Do Mera
Chale Jayenge
Chale Jayenge…

>>>Payal Dev Voice<<<👇

Zindagi Ne Sath Mere
Aisa Mazak Kiya Hai
Sunke Jise Hum Roye
Aur Jahan Hasta Hai…

Tera Dil Hi Bacha Hai Paas Mere
Agar Yeh Bhi Tujhe De Diya
Ho Karke Tanha Kahan Jayenge
Chhod Ke Yeh Duniya
Chale Jayenge…..

Dil Lauta Do
Dil Lauta Do Mera
Chale Jayenge
Chale Jayenge…

Oh-Oh-Oh Ahh- Ahh- Ahhh
Oh-Oh-Oh Ahh- Ahh- Ahhh

Chhod Ke Yeh Duniya
Chale Jayenge……

Dil Lauta Do Full Lyrics in Hindi – Jubin Nautiyal

जो हमसफर हम नहीं हैं
तो यहीं पार छोड़ दो
रहने दो सारे बहाने
मुझे आकार बोल दो

हम खुद ही जुडा हो जाएंगे
कह दो बस इतना तुम
कह दो प्यार नहीं
चले जाएंगे…

दिल लौट दो….
दिल लौट दो मेरा
चले जाएंगे
चले जाएंगे…

माना बड़ा मुश्किल है
मेरा तुमिं भूल जाना
जीता कभी पास द हम
इतना है अब दूर जाना…

जहां खुशबू तुम्हारी ना आए
ना आए तेरी याद
कोई बता दो जगाही
चले जाएंगे….

दिल लौट दो मेरा
चले जाएंगे
चले जाएंगे…

जिंदगी ने साथ मेरे
ऐसा मज़ाक किया है
सुनके जिस हम रोये
और जहां हस्ता है…

तेरा दिल ही बचा है पास मेरे
आगर ये भी तुझे दे दिया
हो करके तन्हा कहां जाएंगे
छोड के ये दुनिया
चले जाएंगे…..

दिल लौट दो
दिल लौट दो मेरा
चले जाएंगे
चले जाएंगे…


छोड के ये दुनिया
चले जाएंगे……

Who is Jubin Nautiyal and how did he become an Indian playback singer?

Jubin Nautiyal Indian playback singer was born on 14 June 1989 in Dehradun. His father, Ram Sharan Nautiyal, is a financial expert and lawmaker in Uttarakhand and his mother, Neena Nautiyal, is a money manager and homemaker. His and his young partner’s name is Abhay Shankar. Seeing his father’s fondness for singing, he took to music at the young age of four. He studied up to class VIII at St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun. From there, he proceeded with his teaching at Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun, where he officially focused on music as a subject and grounded in old-fashioned music. He also learned how to play instruments like guitar, piano, harmonium, and drums. By the age of 18, Zubin was notable as an artist in his old neighborhood of Dehradun. He has performed live on several occasions and lent his support to some foundations.

After finishing his tuition, he moved to Mumbai in 2007 and joined Mithibai College. He continued to compose music (under Pandit Chhannulal Mishra in Varanasi) and investigate the musical status of Indian films. During this, he met A.R. Rahman liked the quality of his voice, and proposed that he continue to investigate his voice for a few more years before moving on to the Indian music industry. On the recommendation of AR Rahman, Nautiyal went back to his old neighborhood and continued to prepare under his teacher Mrs. Vandana Srivastava. He took more musical examples from his guru Shree Samant in Hindustani old-fashioned music. He spent four years clearing his abilities in music, traveling and playing with various artists, and traveling to Banaras to pursue the traditional light from Chhannulal Mishra. Similarly, he studied western music at a music institute in Chennai, where he got an opportunity to study under experienced guitarist Prasanna.

Who are Payal Dev and her career and awards?

Payal Dev Indian playback singer was born on 26 February 1989 in Ramgarh Cantonment, Bihar. Payal was born in a very humble background. His music is very deep, and his compositions are melodious and soulful.
#Career & Awards
Payal Dev is the latest Indian playback singer to win the coveted award. The 23-year-old singer popularly known as Payal Dev was awarded the ‘Tamil Nadu State Award’ in 2016 for her contribution to Tamil cinema. Payal Dev has gained fame ever since she started singing at a young age. She has sung in films like “Sruhosh”, “Nenjukkizha” and “Thathiya Thiya”.

She made her mark as an artist when she won the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Female Playback Singer for “Shruhosh”. He also won awards from Apollo Film Awards (2012) and Filmfare Awards South (2015).

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